BG24 News enrolling!



BG24 News Club

This is going to be news station. I will need reporters, leaders, editors, and more! So here’s how it works:

  • The leaders decide what information they want for the newspaper (it could be about new Hopscotchers, clubs, recent trendings, etc.) Leaders can also award badges to members (idea from @WynterDiamond )
  • The reporters gather the information that the leaders want plus extra (if you want to).
  • The editors help write the stories, make sure the news is true, and keep the grammar reasonable. They can also gather info to add to the story
  • We will discuss on the forum but you will have to do coding on Hopscotch


Please answer yes or no

Leaders form

I would like to help lead this project/club:
I will be nice to other members:
I will be active:

Reporters form

I will scout around on the Forum or Hopscotch for info:
My facts will be true:
I will be nice to other members:
I will be active:

Editors form

I will use proper English when I edit:
I will help other members:
I will be nice to other members:
I will be active:

Since this club is new:
I need the leaders to help shape the club and get everything going
I need the leaders, reporters, and editors to be respectful to others









First Challenge done :star:
Successful interview :medal_sports:
Work together :heart_decoration:
Complete three challenges :3rd_place_medal:

First challenge done :star:
Grammar correction :zap:
Work together :heart_decoration:
Complete three challenges🥉

Help a member :green_heart:
Make a challenge💎
Work together :heart_decoration:
All members are active for a challenge🏵


Awesome! I would love to join! :smiley:

Also, it was actually @lollypopcorn’s idea for the badges, but thanks for crediting me :slight_smile:


Yay! Thanks I wasn’t expecting someone to join so fast : D


Awesome!!! Your in!!


Oh wait – can I be a leader instead? Sorry about that :man_facepalming:


Oh! Yes you can :joy:


Do you know how to I make it so the leaders can edit the topic?


You would have to ask t1 to make the original post a wiki (because you’re not a regular). This would allow everyone to edit the post, but that’s the best we can do right now. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks! Even tho ive had the forum for over a year I wasn’t on it much until recently so I’m not really sure how everything works :sweat_smile:



Alrighty your in!


Do reporters write the basic draft articles for editors to edit?


Basically yes


Not sure how to ask. Is there a topic where I can request it or do I tag him/her in this topic and ask? Sorry to bother ya :yum:


I was wondering how often would these articles be coming out? I would like to be part of the news club and had an idea that i could interview someone on the forum for an article in the newspapers. Let me know what you think. @BotanistGirl24


Oh, I’ll just ask here –

@t1_hopscotch, can you please make the original post of this a wiki? Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, @Kitkat26, good idea :+1:


I think we’d try to get out at least one article every week depending on how many people we get. And yes I think interviewing is a very good idea : D


Okay thanks can i join and write an article interviewing forumers/hopscotchers? Also should I fill out the reporter form? @BotanistGirl24


Yes you may : )

Edit: oops I didn’t mean to make the words big XD