Beyoncé's Claimed Topic


okay because almost everyone is doing these, why not make one lol.

If you want to; Ask me
-mod stuff
-life stuff
-code stuff

Don't ask me
-personal stuff (like where I live)

okay talk now thx


pt do mod things pls n thicks k


Hey poptart. :-P


First like!

What's your favorite part about being a mod?

Also, how do you pick who to give random titles to?


How's laif?

  1. People trust me enough to be a mod
  2. People listen to me
  3. Sometimes users say the funniest things because they don't want to be punished


Do you have any siblings on Hopscotch? Or are ya an only child?
Hi Beyoncé


Also hai Béyoncé


Lucky peeps


Beyoncé!! I love your songs!!!! Which one do you feel is the best one youve written!! Of course you, Beyoncé, would know.... XD


People that just joined the forum must be like "What? Beyoncé? She's on HS?" when they see this topic. XD


only child whoop whoop

but ToasterRebellion forced me to download the app xD


my favorite song is sorry I just love the empowerment to humans xD


Dang that was the fastest nice topic



You going to sleep earlier today or is it just the same as yesterday XD


OMG. Me too!!!!!!! My favorite part is when you are like i aint sorry. Thank you for creating that song!!! It is literally my empowerment!!


Idk maybe 11:30 it's all chance tho



I'm going to sleep at 1:30 am


omg that's great is it early for you



I usually go to sleep at 2:00 am but I'm not gonna be a rebel today so it's 1:30 instead