Beyoncé's birthday was today


Today was beyoncé's birthday and the hold up music vid was released so this means we gotta wish queen bey a happy birthday by making some quick projects in her honor.




Who's beyonce


Does she Hopscotch


Excuse you for not knowing who queen beyoncé Giselle knowles-carter is.


Still have know idea who she is...


She's like the QUEEN of all genres of singing
Here is her Twitter:


People tell me stuff like that all the time and I'm like ummmm...Who/what are you talking about?
e.g. the illuminati, youtubers, singers

Thanks for explaining :upside_down: :slight_smile:


And here's her Instagram:

She never posts on Twitter lol


i wish i had the app to make a project i cri


Lol :joy::joy:


HAPPY BDAY BEYONCÉ!!!! I'm literally obsessed


U think you're playing around. She sings and yeah she's super famous and this may be rude, but to me, that sounds supperrrr silly that you think that she HOPSCOTCHS




I was like what when they said that as well
@AwesomeJediE how could you not know who Beyoncé is?


How is this related to Hopscotch? Is it because of @PopTart0219


How is dis Hopscotch-related?


How is Beyoncé related to Hopcotch?


@friendship2468 I don't understand how this is related to hopscotch. The Hopscotch forum is not a chatroom to talk about celebs. Sorry for being harsh but please don't make topics that aren't hopscotch related :slight_smile: Beyonce is a greater singer and all but this isnt hopscotch related


That's not very nice. She had a question, we should respect that :slight_smile:

I would be confused too if I didn't know the purpose of this topic.


I'm pretty sure she's talking about @PopTart0219, who is Beyoncé XD