Beware making "lotteries"!



Before you make a lottery on hopscotch, pleas read this! here is what happens to you if you make a lottery:

1) Your remixes tab gets clogged

People are obsessed with doing lotteries, you might only get 5 remixes on the lottery the first day, but a few days later, you get tons of remixes from it and then it's difficult to find important remixes with all the lottery remixes!

2) People "rig" it so they can win

Say you made a lottery and if you get the number 10 you win a follow. Then someone remixes it and "rigs" the code so they win. It is really cheating and unfair, so that's why some people think lotteries are used to get likes and follows.

I made a lottery myself, I so regret it. Just warning you.


I'm reviving this

@Follow4LikesOfficial I think you also have a lottery and the same lottery problem right?


thanks for the reminder! :slightly_smiling:


99% of my remixes, check!


Lotteries can get pretty annoying.

Sometimes your not even given your prized. :l :stuck_out_tongue:


Plus, some people can cheat by playing the project as many times as it takes to get a 10 or whatever the highest number is. Then they remix it, instead of remixing the first time.


she already said that in "cheating" :stuck_out_tongue: