Better collaboration concept


I personally think having multiple accounts in the first place is completely pointless. :/


No, it doesn’t.

You can use the none block but I’m not sure if that takes a frame. It also doesn’t have the best look.

An actual comment block would hopefully be much better.


Well we technically have the secret comment block but it’d be nice as a real one


By much better I mean it’d take no frames (like set trail color/width) and would have a bigger text area than just the set text or text only parameter.


Yeah I understood that lol
I meant it’d be nice to just have that block implemented as a real one bc of those benefits, instead of having the comment function like g docs does


This is an amazing idea! I think it would work really well if implemented into HS correctly. A dark mode would also be cool, but due to the reasons previously posted by @Yusamac it probably wouldn’t be added.


This a very great idea, would like to see it added


This is an amazing idea!


Unless you need to absolutely demolish someone’s notifications.

This is a great idea! Sharing passwords really is a hassle, and it’s even harder now that we only have one general discussion topic, and people are always on it, so they would see the password before you could delete. I’m not sure if you can even still create PMs on here with the updates to discourse. I like collab accounts though because you’ve got one place to keep projects made with others separate from your main account, but I think that people who still really wanted to have a collab account could even if your idea was implemented.


There should be a username block then

Just like Google: One account. Everything for google (or smthn like that)

So your hopscotch acc is your user