Better collaboration concept


I don’t want smaller text on blocks. I’m thinking more like a comment block, like in basically every other programming language that exists.

The way they could implement it is, when you have highlighted the area that you want want to comment, instead of putting a block there, you can double tap the highlighted area to add a comment. This would be such a natural implementation that people wouldn’t even notice it hadn’t been there before.

Dark mode would be nice, but I don’t see THT adding it in even the far-away future.


Why not? It’s just a color switch.


They aren’t the type of people to make dark mode for multiple reasons

  1. This app was primarily made for kiddos, and most parents don’t want there kids coding at the time dark mode is most preferred (night)
  2. Hopscotch was not made for dark mode. When you start a project, the default background is white. The colors of the blocks would not work well in dark mode
  3. It is not energetic. THT wants energy to be communicated on there app.
  4. It’s completely unnecessary, just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean it’s necessary. THT would much rather create important stuff.


Yeah a comment block would be nice! It’d help to explain code to other users.
I think that exists as a secret block tho it’d be nice if it was a non hidden block.


Not smaller text on blocks. Smaller blocks. It’s hard to see the code with how wide the blocks are.


I think the blocks are a good size…


It’s hard to see or make a lot of code at once, making really big projects a hassle.

I’m not saying remove the old size, but allowing an option to switch between the old size, and a more compact size would be nice.


How could they make it more compact?


Making the blocks have more contrast, removing the “roundness” from the blocks, having the brackets on the blocks be a bit more visible, and having the main blocks be a bit smaller, having less room between blocks.


The less space in between blocks would be nice, but I really like the roundness and don’t see what you mean by more contrast… awesomeonion just added more contrast in the latest update.


I mean adding some sort of black outlines to the blocks. I’ll try to make a mock-up of what I mean later.


Oh, I see what you mean! That would be helpful, but I actually have another idea that could be used instead of that for better comtrast.


Yes, I see this. I also think it would be awesome. Thanks for the suggestion.


also, it may be easier to be able to switch between accounts, so we don’t have to keep logging out and in of our accounts and collabs?


Yeah, I’m hoping something like this could be done. I’ve always wanted to do collaborations on hopscotch but they never work out.


I agree that is annoying…


and also when you and I both forget passcodes it doesn’t help to keep resetting it!


There would be no need for “collab accounts” if this was implemented.


This is a great idea!



or like if you had many accounts then it would be easier if you could access both accounts at the same time!