Better collaboration concept


One of the reasons I stopped using hopscotch is because of the TERRIBLE ways that people implemented collaboration. First off, the only way (that I know at least) to share a passcode to a collaboration account, was to put it in a public topic, then proceed to delete it afterwards. There was no way to dm. This led to a lot of account being “hacked” and then deleting the project or something like that. Ok, so our other option is to create a project, and then have a ton of people remix it until we get the final project. This is also a hassle, and it’s hard to keep track of all the changes.

My idea for how this could work, is there could be an “invite system”. Here’s how it works.

  1. Someone creates a project. When you create a project there is an option to toggle “collaborative mode”.
  2. If you choose collaborative mode, you can choose who you would want to be in the project.
  3. You can choose between 2 types of people when choosing to invite someone.
  • Project owner: Someone with full control over the project. They can delete it, make changes, and all changes will be made instantly.
  • Project editor: They can only make changes to the code, and changed must be verified by a project owner.
  1. When the project is made, and people start editing, there can be a log of all the recent changes, who made them, and if they have to be verified or not.
  2. If a project owner wants to delete a lot of code at once, it should be verified by all the other owners. (Unless of course the person deleting the code is the only owner)
  3. When a project is posted, instead of saying the person’s name who made the project, it will say “multiple people”. Tapping on this will show a list of people who contributed to the project.

If this could happen, it would be a huge update to hopscotch, and basically make collaborations infinitely easier. I hope THT can see this, and maybe consider some form of this.

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Yes, this would be awesome to have!


Great idea :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


This is a great idea!!
Id love to see something like that


It would be so helpful…


This would be so cool to have!

maybe the owners of the collab would be able to choose a group name for the collab and that would show instead of Multiple People?


Yeah, let’s say someone names the group, uhhh idk, “Game Team” (I couldn’t think of anything :P). It would be cool to show up as “Game team: Collaborative Project”

You know, just something to indicate it’s not made by one person, but multiple people.


Also you could “invite to code” on one project, basically a “cloud” draft, updated for everyone that has it. You would invite them, if they accepted, they would have a new draft that would be the collaboration project, so both users have the same draft that updates. One thing tho, you would have to have internet to get on the draft.


Yeah that’s what I was saying. The project owners could make changes, and then when the changes are made it would update for everyone.


Ya exactly. A project that would update every time there was a change


So something like google docs? Where all changes appear in real time?
And if so, maybe also everything being highlighted in a different color per user based on what they’re currently coding?
That’d be super cool too


Ya that would work.


Yeah, like I was saying, there could be some sort of log with all of the changes made, what objects were changed, and what code was added.


Yeah like you can see everyone’s edits if you’re a group owner?

And delete the last few edits if needed or something?


I told THT about this idea in a video call I had with them last year. I really want this implemented.


Yeah, the code has to be a bit easier to read with so many people making changes. Maybe THT could implement some sort of compact theme? The blocks become smaller and easier to read. The other theme would just be how it is now.




Oh yeah and only one person can work on the project at a time to avoid overwriting others’ changes




Dark lord: what a great idea, I will kill you now


Great idea, this would be super helpful!