Beta version problems?



hi i created this for hopscotchers that have beta to discuss any problems!
before you start posting and arent a betas tester you need to email the hopscotch team
you can go into the help! in the bottom right corner of your ipad screen while on the main page on hopscotch and tap write us
or you can email the hopscotch team at
so if you find any bugs put them here!


i just updated the hopscotch beta and i cant go on it!
it keeps on going back to my home screen!


Oh, well great idea.
Sorry but don't know how to help you.
It should probably be because the beta testing period is in 1 month.


My beta app has been taking a super long time to open, sometimes up to almost five minutes. Luckily it actually can open it though.

@Lavendercupcake, have you done a full restart yet? Pressing the home and the lock button at the same time? If you're still having problems and if you still have the original beta email you might want to try and delete it and reinstall because it has the logins.

And you can always email HT to report the bug :wink:

I hope you get that sorted out!


i was given the link ages ago so i still use that link but its always worked!
yes i have maybe its because my battery was 3%!