Beta version comments



Hopscotch released a beta version a while ago. What are your comments about it? Did you find any bugs? Was there anything you liked or disliked? Let me know here!


I am excited to see that the update we tested is out now! Now to do the test of logging in and out!


I didn't find any bugs did you?


I did not find any bugs hopscotch did a good job creating it


Do you know when they will release the new update?


I only found one bug, and that is all. It was where if you tap Newest twice, the app crashes. I don't know when the update is though.


yea i noticed that bug too and sometime this month or next month i think


Hey @SnowGirl_Studios, @Madlipsgirl and @Glitter_Kitty
Do you want to be friends?
And talk about hopscotch together?

It's your choice!



I found a bug. A huge one. It was where if I tapped on one project it would like it should but then if i tapped on a pother project it would have the last projects contents and this projects contents. :rage::rage:


Sure but the hopscotch fouram is not for chatting


By "chatting" I meant make projects together or help people as a team.


@PrettyBallerina That would be great! If we worked on a project together, what would it be?


I don't mind it can be anything!

What do you like to make?


ᏟáŽĒN Ꮖ áŽģáŽŦᏞáĸ?????????????


Yes of course @Madlipsgirl!



I don't care. I like making all sorts of different things.


@Madlipsgirl @Glitter_Kitty @PrettyBallerina That's right but if you're sharing ideas and collaborating I'm sure it's okay!

Here's how to Reply in a linked topic so you can start a discussion in a new page without filling up a previous discussion with posts that don't directly relate to it :smile: (since this post is about Beta comments you should probably share ideas on a new topic)


sure but on hopscotch not the forum


Just so you guys know I'm a beta tester now but I'm not doing this beta test I'm doing the next one