Beta testing round 4



Hey beta testers this is where we'll chat about the new hopscotch beta!
Do you guys like the new profile pics?

I like them but I think that we should be able to choose from the old pics and the new pics!
And here is a pesky bug:
When I play a project the whole screen turns white making the only way to view a project is by pressing "edit"
Please fix these things!


I REALLY like the new avitars! I have the same problems as you @Gabe_N. Also @Liza I have found a bug with drawing the screen,this is what happened:

And this is the code:


Hmm it seems like there's a big white dot in the middle of the screen but I can't be positive about it


I love the new avatars! They're so different. I have also experienced the annoying "nothing" bug. And @AHappyCoder, that's strange! I'll try this code and see if it does the same thing.

What's your opinion on having to create a new beta account (the previous one was wiped)?

  • I love it! I wanted a new start!
  • I don't like it! I had a bunch of cool projects on it!
  • I honestly don't care.
  • I'm not even a beta tester
  • what



I thought the same thing myself @Gabe_N


This is normal for most betas so I didn't give it a second thought :) The Hopscotch Team remind us as well that the beta community is just a temporary testing place so make sure you don't keep anything significantly important there and don't expect your stuff to stay there forever.

I love the new avatars, especially the rainbow swirl one.


Well projects load VERY slowly and for some time after opening they are very laggy
After a while the project stops being laggy, And anything with a background does not work, This is what happened:

And this is the code:

Like @Gabe_N said its like a big dot on a blue background
And I agree with @t1_hopscotch,the swirly rainbow avitar looks very good!


I found another bug that when I go to activity center if someone has a new profile pic and likes or remixes one of my projects then the profile pic doesn't show up ONLY if they have a new profile pic

So I hope that gets fixed!


And here is another bug,look at the date published:


Whoa that should not happen!
I'll have a look in it and see if I can fix it!:wink:


Oh no, I searched to see if it happens to anyone else and IT DOES

This is the most bugs I've ever found in a update!
I'm kinda worried that somone did something to hopscotch!


Ok! I have never beta tested before,I thought this was what to expect :open_mouth:


That's weird!! They expected a lot of bugs, by the way, so nothing happened to Hopscotch. The Hopscotch Team said a LOT of things are changing behind the scenes, so it's going to be buggy for a while.


The ___ tilt% doesent work at all and the pics in drafts are weird


@AHappyCoder @Gabe_N I hadn't noticed it before you mentioned it but the 58w time stamp/date published looks like it's an intentional update to me. I think seeing "58 weeks" or "100 weeks" on a project is more helpful than just seeing "1y" for both of them.


Also found this video; can't wait to do it on the regular app.


Look out glitch!All the emojis turn to weird stuff and I didn't put any code!


At least it works on the search!


Hmmmm that is not happening to me


I sent a beta email and registered but I haven't gotten the download yet. What happened?