Beta testing round 3



Well I think everything is good

I like the go to profile button it's very helpful

Changing avatars works great
But I don't like that the amount of likes is shown next to the amount of plays and remixes I think it should still be next to the heart
please write your comments below:arrow_down:


@Ian @alish @Liza

Is the new beta round out? I've been having some issues with my updates so mine didn't change, nor did I get an email about this

EDIT: I deleted and reinstalled it and I got the update. I still don't know what to test though


What is beta and how do you become a "beta tester" I don't understand


Beta testers get to check for bugs in the new update before it comes out. If there are bugs, you need to tell the Hopscotch Team and they will fix them for when it comes out for the public

You can become a beta tester by emailing the Hopscotch Team and they will send you a link to download the beta


Oh OK from what i hear before this I did not want to be one but now I know why thank you so much @CreativeCoder


There is a chain button so you can copy a project without going in to it and you can change characters




That's awesome! We get to change our character! But I was wondering if Hopscotch would add those avatars that @Liza created to the Choose your character screen. And, when we change the new characters in the new update OFTEN AND ALWAYS LIKE CRAZY, would it take a long time to load?


I just became a beta tester today! Soo cccccoooooooooool!


Hi @CreativeCoder, this is a mini-beta and we're just testing out avatar switching and seeing if other normal stuff works okay. If you happen to have iOS 9 beta on your iPad, you could help with testing the beta on that too. But I f not, that's okay.

@Berrymelon I think Hopscotch is planning to add those awesome avatars that Liza shared with us, which is great :smiley: So far, switching avatars takes two seconds so I don't think it would take a long time to load in the new update.


Hey @CreativeCoder! So sorry you didn't get our email! I recently sent you another. Can you see if you got it? If you didn't, can you check your spam folder?

Thanks and sorry for the confusion!!


Great questions @Berrymelon!! Changing your character often shouldn't cause any loading delays. But that's what beta testing is for—to make sure everything new runs smoothly!!

We wanted to add those cool avatars in this update, but we decided to put a little more work into them after getting everyone's feedback. They were good, but I think we can do even better! We also remembered that we need to add a lot more colors to the app, since your profile theme matches your avatar, and we weren't able to add those colors in time for this update. Stay tuned!!!!


Am I meant to get a new email when the next one comes out? I still use my link about logins to update


Hey @Lavendercupcake! You should have gotten a new email. Can you check your spam folder?

But you can also use the same link as last time to update :smile:


But but I sent a email in the middle of the holiday and no one replied
Plz send me a message on hopscotch called to wow woman


Hey @Ian, @Liza, and @Alish!
The new mini-beta update looks great! I just checked my email-I freaked out when I saw it!
The character selection is so awesome! I'm glad you guys took our suggestions.
I'm also super happy with the "go to profile" button!
I think it's great! I'm sending you guys an email with my reply.
Again, great additions!


@ian I found a bug with the flappy bird video it looks like this

It's says "ignore"


Hi @Ian! Thanks again. I get the direct emails, but ones to groups is when it tends to mess up.

As for you reply to the email I sent:
Yup, that email seems right. And it isn't in my spam/junk folder. Glad it isn't a huge update I almost missed! Would it help if I included my alternate email (the one I set up for iCloud) in the reply to your email? Wow, I have said "email" so many times already.


And the video says it is only 19 seconds?


Hi @Wow_woman if you sent the Hopscotch Team an email during a public holiday I think they wouldn't have been able to reply (they need a rest too :wink:). Maybe try sending it again :smiley: