Beta Testing round 2!


Hey guys if you are a Beta Tester and you have completed testing the new update this is the place to discuss about it!

Did you find any bugs?

Or was it all perfect?

Let us know!


I'd like to volunteer as a Beta Tester. Please email me if you approve.


To be a Beta Tester you need to email Hopscotch


Hi! I became a tester during this round. I didn't seem to find any problems.. I made several accounts and logged in and out, did offline projects, publishing projects, etc. with no issues. Did you find any?


No I didn't find any problems Hopscotch did a really good job?


It seems like it. Good job, Hopscotch Team! :clap:


Can't wait until the next Beta


I tested this version and I didn't find any bugs but is it just me or are the HT bringing back the likes?:sweat_smile:


I don't know I didn't check


Does anyone know when the HT are publishing the account beta? I'd really like to go back. To my old account!


What's the link to hopscotch beta I'm a beta tester but I didn't get the link


Hopscotch will send you the link when the next beta is released :smiley:


Ok thanks @t1_hopscotch sorry for the late reply I just woke up