Beta Testers Needed (Closed)



Hello, I'm looking for some beta testers to play my game called The neon racer. I'll post the menu screen below.


I will (20 Chartcers Agh)


Can i be a tester?


@Joewheels2 I would like to. I LOVE to beta test.


I can beta test. (20 characters)


You and hopscotch to hopscotch can, type that you want my login next time your on. Like if your reading this.


Next time your on reply to my message so I can give you the login.


Ok do it I am ready to take screenshot


Being taken down in fifteen seconds


Ok I got it. 292920202020202


Done, now you can make a new thing with all bugs on it.


@Joewheels2, will do!


The same terms. No publishing or deleteing or changing anything, or you will be reported


Who else is beta testing?


Giraffe productions (2020202020)


can i be a beta tester?


Who else's game have you beta tested


I have removed all the bugs of a monopoly game that is coming soon.


Hmmm.... If there is any bugs that I can't figure out then I'll find you.




Hopscotch name TheCodeBase