Beta tester needed for Tony's (closed)!



As you all know, I'm making a new game based on Tony's! Well, I need a beta tester! The first person to reply here will become the beta tester for Tony's. Thanks!


I can be a beta tester for Tony's! :smiley:


Awwww, second reply! Close enough


Tell ya what, you can both do it!


Ok I see I can't go on right now I'm about to leave for a dentist appointment :worried:


I saved it as a draft to that account. Any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions can be posted here! Thanks guys!


I want to beta test (also said on other topic)


Sorry again but just gave the job


Ok @SmileyAlyssa and @Follow4LikesOfficial-
Feel free to log onto the account whenever, but just keep in mind that Tony's is published on March 10th! I left three drafts there for you-
Rules-basic guidelines including don't change the code and be nice.
Comments-if you don't want to post comments on the forum, there is a divided project where each of you can leave comments.
Beta game-the important one, the actual game. Please don't change the code, it could affect the viewing of the other beta tester.
Thank you both for volunteering and have fun testing!


Okay! I don't think I can get on today though


That's fine, as long as you can before March 10th! :wink:. I would prefer you to log in sometime before March 7th @Follow4LikesOfficial @SmileyAlyssa so that I have some time to fix it, but feel free to test anytime between now and the 10th!


Ok, I'll do it before March 10th! :wink:


I tried to make it easy for y'all, because you're doing me a favor, not the other way around! :blush:


Can we be one? We really want to!


Sorry, too late! 20202020


But can we be one for the next game?


I'll see when it's time! I can't guarantee anything


@SmileyAlyssa and @Follow4LikesOfficial-
I don't mean to be naggy but I would prefer if you log in soon! I'll need time to correct what you find :wink:!


I am going to log in this afternoon, I have plenty of time then!


Ok thanks! I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude, just I want to have lots of time!