Beta GIF (I Will Be A Beta Tester!)



So cool! I'm probably gonna be on the beta, which is amazing! My mom is letting me, so tell me who is on the beta team.


I beta test! @friendship2468


Cool! Remember when MagmaPOP made this projects I think using clones? It's just likes this GIF!


My mom said if I don't raise my reading grade, I can't beta test, @AHappyCoder


I beta test.


I am a Beta Tester here!


I am! It's really fun!


i beta test!:computer:


Coolzies, guys, so, I will be getting the new beta in about 3-4 weeks. It's getting sent to my mom's phone, she's emailing it to her CPS account and emailing it to my CPS account so I can get it on the iPad.


I am on the beta too! My beta account name is: ihasfluffycupcakes(beta)


I am!


Im on beta


When does the next link get sent out?


I have a beta account! Also, I don't know when the next beta will come out, but I hope it's soon! :grinning:


Maybe today? I just started, so... Yeah.


Me too I started a few days ago


I am a beta tester on my new iPad, how do you allow access? On IOS 9.1?




Yay! I'm a beta tester too. Do you know if school iPads can beta test?


Most likely, unless your school has a filter for stuff like that.

Lol that wasn't very descriptive.