Beta announcement!



so i am on beta and they are getting rid of the preview button in the code so i am making a poll for i don't care about it or keep it!

  • i dont care whatever is fine
  • dont get rid of it!



NOOOOO! I need it!!!


Same here! It helps me so mcuh!


I agree. :grin::open_mouth::cry::dizzy_face::open_mouth:


I never use it :D. @Huggingfluffybear


I don't really use it either..all the things I need to test are usually objects reacting to other objects so I just play the project to test it.


I don't use it that much, but sometimes it is useful for debugging.


What's a preview button?


Wait.. Nvm I know what the preview button is. It helps me so much! Sometimes when I press play I can't get out of the code when I go back in that's why I used the preview button!


So I think most people want it so I will email the hopscoth team


It's funny @staff still removed it!


I still have the old version of hopscotch on my school iPad
The version before the hour of code


Wow really? Do you have normal up to date hopscocth as well?


I really wish they still had the preview button. That helped me a lot, then when they got rid of it, it got harder. Good news is I needed a challenge, so that helped me challenge myself. But now I'm like fully adapted to the new version, and I kind of forgot about the old. :confused:


I still have the version with the preview


You are lucky! I forgot how it was like back then. :thinking:


Wanna see? Still looks the same I think
Dunno tho


I would love too! And they didn't have the set color block back then, right?


They did lol
Is the current update the hour of code update?