Best thing that has happened to you in hopscotch


What is the best thing that has happened to you in hopscotch? Let me know in the comments. Me personally is this


The best thing that happened with me was today! Hopscotch Team followed me, liked one project of mine and it went on Rising. It still is, I guess. :yum:


Sweet to hear @ProgrammingHero


Mine is that I have 60 likes on ONE project, and that it was in rising! I think rising is better than trending, because the Hopscotch Team puts the projects in rising and trending is bade upon likes and plays and automaticly put on.


Mine is (not to brag) becoming an auto follow! I love getting to see the new Hopscotchers and just knowing that some will become the next great coder.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wow! It may be a great honor! :slightly_smiling:


It is!!! I still can't believe that I'm able to be an auto follow!:sweat_smile:


You used to be GilbertPalogan (sorry if I spelt it wrong) right?


Pangolin. It's fine, nobody spells it correctly!


Nothing :pensive: Other than @OrangeScent1 follows me:smiley:


Mine is:

Not to brag :wink:

Getting on Game Changers with 6100+ likes!


I'm an auto follow, but I don't like it. Now I can't tell the difference between someone who wants to follow me and someone who does it because of the auto follow thing! :frowning:

Anyway, the best thing that's happened to me on Hopscotch was when I got over 1000 likes on my Jam Spreader project. (I wish I could make this not sound like bragging.)


Mine are
Having almost 1000+ followers!
And also I like so much sometimes hopscotch freezes!


I was super mega bummed because of my Science Test. I opened Hopscotch and browsed through my Activity Tab. Then I decided to go to Featured. After a while I went to Rising , scrolled down a bit, then saw my project in Rising ! I was like this:

I ran to the kitchen and told my mom and ran around the house to basically tell everyone in my house. That was the BEST thing that happened to me aside from getting likes on some of my projects by people like @LotsaPizza :laughing:


Mine was my keyboard going on rising and getting more than 400+ likes
I was so happy
(Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging)


Getting featured twice! Two different games (I was so excited I felt sick, both times). And the fact that I've gotten 15 hearts on a project I published 11 hours ago :anguished:


Everyone's best things are pretty sweet!!!