Best stylus option outside Apple Pencil

Hello all,

I’m a new owner of an iPad and a college student looking to go paperless. I’ve really enjoyed the information given with screen protectors and note-taking app options. What I’m curious about is what people have found is the best stylus if they don’t have an iPad Pro and can’t use an Apple Pencil with their iPad model. So, any good experience or information for picking out a solid, non-Apple Pencil stylus?

Two days ago my friend, Tom got one stylus as his birthday gift from his friends.

Today he showed me the photo by Asin: B00N1BRWLA on Amazon US.

As I never used that stylus, I can not make any remarks about it.

Any help ?


I personally like the Mixoo high sensitivity stylus which is what I use and just bought but I don’t know what you’d do, so I bet it would be good for your iPad


I’m not sure with stylus is that work with an iPad


I recommend the Logitech crayon

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Hello @xedr! I have actually answered this question in your other topic by yours. I see that you are thinking about the Meko stylus, and you earlier said that you had purchased it. Have you done that or not?

About the Meko stylus: it is capacitive, which means that it works with pretty much all touch screens, including the iPad screens. Here is the answer that I am talking about:
I hope that this helps! :slight_smile:


I never heard of Mixoo stylus. I have little about how this stylus works. So could you please tell me the detailed information about your experience ?

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thank you. I searched this brand, but didn’t find anything.


Hmm? I do t know why you couldn’t find it?
It was made specially for the iPad 2018 in partnership with apple

Well I searched this brand again and found it.
But frankly speaking, I don’t like the making of that stylus. It looks complicated in its appearance. Instead I’d like the easy one in appearance.
Secondly the price of styli is not cheap, the same as Apple Pencil. Once it is lost, I afraid to have to buy another one. It’s too luxurious.

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I personally recommend the Ciscle touch pen… I have it and it’s really useful…

Here is the link to the amazon website:

Another touch pen that I recommend is a touch pen from the bamboo series. You can choose which one you like from the series according to what you are going to use your stylus for. (Bamboo Stylus fineline is what my friend recommends.)

I hope this helped! - @anon53261942/SmilingStudios


thanks for your recommendation.These styli you recommended to me are good, but I am afraid that I don’t have enough money to pay these styli. Are there any cheap stylus recommended ?

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If you just want something that’ll work… hmmm… I’m not sure

It has to be something sensible to the iPad, but wont scratch it…

I’m not sure

Although, if you do get a phone and dont mind switching to Android one day then the Galaxy Note series is for you

Hmmmm…May I ask how much your budget is?

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That’s a very good stylus! I use it to draw art
I personally like the bouncy and round part better, but the hard part is better for details. The round part is better for water and flowing hair.
It’s not too different from a normal stylus though, I honestly use my finger for most of my art

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thanks for your idea. My whole expenditure is between 15 USD and 20 USD. I would not want to pay a stylus at high price in case it may be lost.


Frankly speaking I often use my finger to draw or write on ipad, maybe somehow I forgot using the stylus. But I neglect one thing, that is by using hand rather than stylus the pressure sensitivity is not so good. Maybe I need to change my habit through making more practice of stylus.

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thanks for your question. This stylus I am using is compatible with all devices as it is one capacitive stylus.

Ahh…Adonit offers some stylus with good quality and an affordable price!

Adonit’s website:

Adonit Jot Pro is great for note taking I think! It’S $20 too!

thanks for your recommendation. I noticed one series of Adonit mini 4. Its price just can meet my need below 20 USD, but one detail about this stylus I paid attention to is its weight of 15.4g. It seems too heavy for me and it is not easy to carry. Is there any light stylus for other brands aside from Adonit or Wacom series ?

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lmao didnt u post before abput how to connect this stylus to ur ipad

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