Best projects of ___!


I’m sure everyone on the forums has their really good projects. My question is, which are your best? If you want to compile your best projects, do it on this topic!
Best projects from me:
Snowflake Draw!
Texture Pad!
PixPad Supreme!
Geometry Dash Cube Maker
Best of #FunnyQuotesChallenge
Ultimate HSB Pad! (With Color Saving!)
Triangle Draw
Galactic Night Sky
Kaleidocosmos (Duh)
Cookie Tapper 2.2
First Custom Color (main reason we have the HSB and RGB blocks in hopscotch)
Color Rush
Soccer (My first project on hopscotch)
It would also be cool if you had links to your projects, so we could play them and see how awesome they are. :smiley:


My (BB-Box) best projects:
Mower run
007 music theme
Moon jump


RANDOM Outcomes
One of my most popular projects, almost at 40 plays!


Cool idea!
I like these of mine, I've also made a sleeps til Christmas counter, coming out in December!


Cool idea! :D

My best projects:

Mr. Mustache! (Trail Art)
SmileyBounce (in progress)
Cupcake Maker!
Emoji Badminton
Attack And Avoid


Awesome idea and topic, Valgo!

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Nice idea!
I'll add someone my ones!


Moon Hero my very first! It has a few variations.

Astronomery Dash 4 based on the original one, one of my firs games as well!

Angry Cat my first feature!

Regenerating Man?! my second and most successful Feature!

Dino Sprint my third Feature!

KVJ's Website V1.0 fourth Feature and so close to 1000 likes!!

Niaguan Witch I spent a while on this!

Halloween CoSine Eye possibly my most successful Trending!

CoSine Limn one of the projects I'm most proud of!

Lady Morgana PixArt my first pixel art!!

Stroke Draw Remake all credit to @Valgo of course!

Scabrous Draw came randomly to me lol.

CoSine Clock took a long time. Kinda boring but difficult.

CoSine Sunrise

CoSine Spiral

CoSine Sphere



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They're all amazing. :D


so are yours lol


Umm isnt there another topic for this
I replied on it a few days ago


My best projects :


Cool topic @Valgo!:grinning:

Here's some of my best projects:

My "HSB PIXEL PAD". I really like that I made an HSB drawing Pad, but it was with pixels!:grinning: It also got featured so it is my favorite project.:grin:

There's also the "ALOHA SEARCH ENGINE". This one stands at my second favorite project. I like the colors I've chosen and I love the design.

Then there's "CHAIN DRAW" and "CHAIN DRAW 2". The difference between those projects is that in the second version, you could change the width of the chain. I'm debating whether to make a third version with HSB.:thinking:


I don't know…
That topic was for one project, and this is for multiple ones…