Best Practices for Subcategories and Tags

Hey Hopscotchers,

We’re excited to announce the biggest update to the Bugs category since its creation! These changes will help us to identify and sort bugs more easily, and hopefully make it so the developers of Hopscotch can address these bug reports faster.

How to use tags in the #hopscotch-bugs category

What are the updated tags?

Staff Tags

These are tags that can only be modified by leaders and staff, and they are used to indicate the status of a bug report.

#high-priority – bug reports with this tag are being prioritized in development
#in-development – The Hopscotch Team is currently working on fixing this bug, and it will be fixed in a future release.
#officially-reproduced – if a topic has this tag, the Hopscotch Team has verified that the bug occurs consistently

User Tags

You can add these tags to your topic to give a general idea of what’s being affected by the bug.

#accounts – bugs related to any account-related functionality, such as logging in, logging out, changing your profile or username, etc.
#crashing – bugs that cause the Hopscotch app to crash or a webpage to reload unexpectedly
#data-loss – bugs related to losing project or account data in Hopscotch.
#framerule – bugs related to sequence or calculations in Hopscotch not being performed correctly
#modded-only – bugs that are still due to Hopscotch’s code, but require modding such as browser extensions or project JSON modifications.
#notifications – anything related to notifications in Hopscotch.
#text-bug – anything related to text not working properly.
#visual – bugs that are purely visual and do not affect usability.

#security – If you believe you found something unintentional that users can abuse (i.e. taking other people’s seeds or changing someone else’s username), please add this tag to your topic. Briefly describe the effect of the bug, and do not include steps to reproduce it. We will reach out to you in private to collect more details for security bugs.

How do I use them as the creator of the bug report?

By using these tags, you are helping the Hopscotch team provide more detail on what is happening with the bug you’re reporting. Is it related to accounts? Add the #accounts tag. Does it crash the app? Mark it with #crashing. You can add multiple user tags (see previous heading) to your topic, and all of them should be related to the bug you are reporting.

The leaders and Hopscotch staff will also be able to mark development status and priority so that you all can get a better sense of where each bug is in the process of getting fixed!

How does this help the Hopscotch Team?

The Hopscotch team will be able to look at bugs that are related to their part of Hopscotch development. These tags will make it clear which issues are related to each other, and it will be easier to find bugs that are able to be fixed easily since we can filter topics by tag now.

About the new subcategories in #hopscotch-bugs

What are the categories?

Main Hopscotch Bugs category

Use this category to report other bugs in the iOS app or when playing projects.

  • Editing projects - this includes code being added or removed unexpectedly when you’re editing, etc.
  • Playing projects - for example, if the “bumps” rule is firing when you don’t expect it to, log the bug here.
  • Browsing drafts or community - examples include profile pictures not showing correctly, certain tabs not working, or projects failing to sync or upload to the community.

Web Explorer Bugs

There is now just #hopscotch-bugs:web-explorer subcategory

Use this category to report bugs that occur when browsing through the web explorer This is the place for anything that happens in the web explorer while browsing the community and editing projects. If it occurs when playing a project, please file the bug report under #hopscotch-bugs.

Are there any new guidelines for the #hopscotch-bugs category?
  1. Try not to tag anyone in the first post of the bug report. Many of us are already watching this category, and removing tags while editing topics gets tedious very quickly.
  2. Only mark a post as the image if the occurrence of the “bug” is actually intentional or if an update has been pushed that does solve the issue for you. A solved topic tells us that the bug no longer occurs.

Other than that, we just ask that you do your best to add the appropriate tags and subcategory to your bug report, and that titles and the entire template are filled out and descriptive. More detail makes bugs easier to approach, identify, and fix!

Feel free to ask questions, give feedback, and offer tag suggestions on this topic, and we’ll do our best to provide an answer as quickly as possible!


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