Best of Spring Contest



Sooo, it is Spring and I am making my 2nd competition. This will be a good one to try at any coding level. I am looking for how original your project is and the most interactive original project will win a shoutout, spamlikes, and a lot of ScotchHop Fame!

• The project has to have at least 2 variables and at least 4 objects
• It has to be interactive
• It has to work (Well duh)
• It can't be already made
• Has to be made by one person only... no copying someones project
(Cause that's plagiarism)
• And of course have fun

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This is still open, anyone going to do this?


Hmmmm. I might try it.
Right now all my attention is on a collab.


Ok, you will be the first to enter


I would do it, but a) I'm on Scratch a lot more than I'm on HS now, b) I'm not on scratch that much anymore either, and c) schoolwork is taking over my life