Best of 2016: We need your help!


@Game_Reviews, please don't call people rude or tell them rude things. It starts flame wars, hurts people's feelings, and isn't helpful to the community.

"See, it wasn't picked. Told ya" isn't a helpful statement, neither is "Dude, ur the rude one." Neither is "clearly you aren't polite," or your other sarcastic remarks. We don't need to hear them. If you're upset, don't take it out on @BlastFusion.

They're hurtful statements and therefore are not allowed. You will be flagged if you say things like that, and you may be suspended if it continues.


Look. I don't want to continue this conversation. You have made your point, and I get it. Well I fact, I didn't even need to know about it.

Are you trying to bully me? Because you seem to pick on my project, not anyone elses.

End of conversation.

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Nice reply.

Let's get outta this topic.

BTW, congrats to the people who made it and good job anyways to those who didn't :D


All I'm saying is just cause He thinks it will be game changers doesn't mean that it wil. And u can't get mad at ppl for not thinking it's game changer worthy



I think this isn't needed.
This just makes people mad and think that they are bad coders because their game didn't make it on.
I was going to do this but I realized how dumb this is. This just makes people feel bad about themselves.
It is sorta like how some people didn't make it onto the Youtube Rewind of this year. Like RiceGum is pretty mad because he didn't get accepted into Youtube Rewind.

So can you guys not do this next year?

- Peace :v:


I'm not Mad at all! I thought I was on the top, because my game rose in order. Then @Game_reviews decided to pull out all of this information. And started a fight.

I'm still happy! I already knew that Jedi Adventurs was a good game, and I myself, don't think it was good enough.


And, sorry @Game_reviews. I shouldn't posted the "game changer worthy project". And thats all I'm saying sorry for. Because I thought I was on the top, but I wasn't, mistakes. Everyone makes them.

And I know you're @DA-BEASTY.

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You may think this is a flame war but it isn't, I had a misunderstanding. I thought I made it because my game rose in order, but I was wrong. I haven't complained once about it. In fact, I'm glad you didn't choose it because there was better.

Yes, do it next year, I'm not angry, I just made a mistake.

I'm extremely sorry for saying that my game is "Game Changer Worthy" When people have said its not.

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I'm not da Beasty

Why would u think that

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You talk like him, with the 'U as in you, ur, as in your'

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Many ppl do that


Many people type like that, you shouldn't make assumptions...
Oh, @Game_reviews just said that...


Sorry. I did do that. But that's sort of what @Game_reviews did to me.

By the way, I apologised, @Game_reviews. It's above


Well I'm glad it's settled!! :sweat_smile:
Believe me though, I know what it's like to be disappointed and it's not easy to then congratulate the winners! You were very strong to do so!

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Please don't start an argument here, but:

Why did Jedi Adventures move up about 5 places, becoming 12th. And was next to sheep game? Does anyone know? Glitch? Or was it 12th?


How are we supposed to play them? Can u send links?

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THT, can you remove the best of 2016 channel, people are stuffing around on it.

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What do you mean by stuffing around?


Posting random remixes and games on it.

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