Best of 2016: We need your help!



When THT announce winners, where will some go as some are already on featured and game changers?


I nominated:
Colour Switch two, by @PhantomReporter
A sheep game by @CreationsOfaNoob
Jedi Adventures by myself
Stick ninja by @TitanBoy
Tetris by @Blowertron
GeometryScotch by @Valgo

I hope I get lots of nominations for Jedi Adventures. It was an incredibly difficult game to code.


Congratulations, @Bananadog (Doodle Jump 2.0), Phantom Reporter (Color Switch), @CreationsOfaNoob (Forest trail art, Diving Game, & A Sheep Game), @Hobson ( v.0.1), @TitanBoy (STICK NINJA), @FoodDelivery (Bottle Flip!), @Madi_Hopscotch_ (The Magic Color Box), and @MagmaPOP (Jelly Jump) for being on the Best of 2016 list!! Y'all are all amazing Hopscotchers and really nice people. Again, congrats! :smiley:


Congratulations to you too.. :) don't forget about yourself...! I saw you on featured too :D


Balloon draw by Paige1212!


Thanks so much!


Thank you so much, Inty!!!! :)
And congratulations! You deserve this so much :D

And congrats to @CreationsOfaNoob @TitanBoy @Madi_Hopscotch_ @MagmaPOP @FoodDelivery @Hobson and Intellection!!! Congratulations guys!!! :D
Your projects are absolutely outstanding and you guys deserve this :D



Congratulations @Bananadog, @Madi_Hopscotch_, MagmaPOP, @Intellection74, @Hobson, @TitanBoy and @FoodDelivery! You all deserve it :D


Thank you!
You made some truly incredible projects this year!
I loved your diving game and the sheep game so much :)


Congratulations to all the best of 2016 projects!!


Thanks so much everyone!! @Bananadog @CreationsOfaNoob @PumpkinGirl


No, I think I was actually picked. Because Jedi Adventures actually rose in order and is next to sheep game. So 11 is quite an irregular number to finish off with, and that's what @creationsofanoob's sheep game was ranked.

12 is more of a 'Proper number' as its not prime like eleven. So actually I think Jedi Adventures finished 12th!

Is this true, @Liza, @Rodrigo, @montoya, @meg?


Read the above. 11 is a prime number, of which is odd and I refer it as irregular. But maybe 10 and 11 drew, so I might be wrong.

And you don't need to be so rude about it.

Congrats to the winners!!!


Why am I rude?

What edits?


Some ppl remixed ur project

With rude stuff


Ohhhh like this:

That's only one, and, he is jealous.


How do u know it's a he?

Don't assume genders

Also, I don't think he/she is jealous


Leave me alone. Maybe you did that? How do I know.

And do you know how many of these I get, about 5 a week. So I don't care. Ok?

So please leave me alone, or else there will be consequences.


No one nominated any of my projects :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, I'd probably just look at them like they were an alien if they did.


Jeez be nice