Best of 2016: We need your help!



Thanks so much!!! 5 nominations on "Sheepzzz", 2 - "Smiley Bounce", 1 - "Snowball Run" and "Doily" :D


Wow, thanks so much @Explorer_! :D


Thank you everyone who has sup-
I have the worst projects ever, nevermind.


Why would you say that?


It's a joke :smiley:
Sorry if that wasn't clear!


Oh, sometimes it's hard to understand if it's a joke :laughing:


Oh, it was a joke.. I had actually just made out an entire speech to why your projects weren't bad! :joy:


Sorry :frowning:


Sorry !!


It's ok! :smile:


Remember me?


Yes I do.
Hi there :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I do. So your back for the holidays?


I am the only person nominating my projects.


And no, don't take pity on me. I'd much rather not have any support than have swarms of people who take pity on the fact that I am unnoticed



No one nominated my Graffiti Draw!

Good job y'all

K bye y'all

Thanks for making my year to a great end!! :smiley:


Unexpectedly, two people have nominated me. However, both projects have already been featured ;-; . Could they be featured again?


Why are you so inactive?!


Why are you so inactive???