Best of 2016: We need your help!



WHy do you have to be so negative about everything?



I've already no,images @Caramel_Puffin and @Maltese on my extra account :D

It doesn't really matter to me if someone nominates me or not XD After all, my projects aren't really even good XD


Really? Me?? Thank you!



Accept your amazhangness please.


um... YEAH! You can see which one I nominated in your activity :D


But there isn't any amazhangness in me or my projects XD


@Maltese help me out...


Trump is president
Probably going to be a war between America and China

And during brexit the economy is dropping. The pound's getting worthless


Please try to focus on the positive.. and plus, we have next year! Mistakes made today can always be fixed tomorrow.


What positives which doesnt include someone being on the dollar


(ಠ‿ಠ✿)- excuse me darling but I'm pretty sure you are awesome

let's see here-

  • can actually code (unlike that lazy Maltese)

  • THT has recognized your princess celestia pixel art by including it in one of their pictures and put it on featured

  • you've been an amazing coding partner to Maltese and your kindness shows through your projects

darling just admit it, you're fabulous

or I will spray my deluxe wet dog flavored perfume on you (that's not a punishment!)


... how tho y r u so gud

im trash


holds up perfume bottle


looks around and just pick up a wand i found randomly sitting on the table


I'm not going to argue, okay? :)))

And yes, there are many positives. I actually found a few websites explaining it if you want to see them! :D


gets Malty's favourite gif ready


But do you really need to be so negative?
Life is a prize.
But to live doesn't mean you're alive


M8 life has Hopscotch.



Oh hi @Liza :slight_smile:

I'm struggling to choose!