Best of 2016: We need your help!



Im actually rally surprISED LIKE WHY ME? I'm so happy sorrry I'm overreacting lol

@meg, are you going to feature some of the best projects?


2016 was a bad year.


Well, not exactly.. XD There were lots of positive things that happened this year!


????? ????????


I did two! @CreationsOfaNoob diving game and @Bananadog doodle jump. There are so many more, but I can't do them all.


If u want to then u can but imma delete my projects at the end of this year anyway


I really hope you choose GeometryScotch... I worked really hard on it (which is very rare for me :upside_down:), and I think it is game changers worthy.


Explain 1 thing


Harriet Tubman is going to be on the 20 dollar bill!


I dont live in America.


So many great projects! I cant chose one!


How long is this going on for??!


DT becoming prez-elect.
Want more?


Dont forget brexit


I should do that...


There's a lot of negative things that happened.... but can people just—you know— try to be positive?


Wow!!! This is a great idea, I'll try to remix some projects as soon as I can use the app :sweat_smile:


Bad things sometimes happen.....
But we need to focus on all the good things!


Who to chooose? :thinking:

Cough @IShallNotBeNamed check your activity cough


Great idea!

I already know nobody will remix any of mine... Lol