Best new projects



I know there is a topic similar
but this is slightly different, as it's just best overall projects, and it's also going on my website!

as a few of you already know, I have a "website" on hopscotch that is now updated bi-weekly, and that I'm doing reviews, so, if anybody wants to be in it, ask me! I will put up a poll right after each update (of der website) of people who want thier projects nominated, I have a group of followers significantly above avg (but not popular yet q: ) so I think of it as a shoutout of sorts, there will be 5 winners (the top 5 in the polls) every 2 weeks, I ask that you post a link when you ask, so that I can when I put up the polls,

1: you can only have 2 projects entered in per 2 week period (per update)
2: well... umm... no breaking the rules!
3: pls no spam

and, that's it! enter and I'll have a poll up this Sunday, the website will be published the Sunday after, good luck people!

(to enter just post the name of the project, your hopscotch username, and a link to the project, I will play the winners b4 I put them under my reviews section)

projects to be on the poll:

title, creator

snowy wanderer by @AHappyCoder (a happy coder:grinning:)

keyboard by @DragonDog


Can you please put my snowy wanderer in the web site? And the soon-to-be-released Dawn please!


@AHappyCoder I need the links to them so I can put them in the poll, and I can put dawn in only if you finish it by Sunday, but there's a new one every 2 weeks (3 weeks after this one though, as the next update will be the week after this round starts, to give the people's time to play all the games to vote)


I think you're gonna win @AHappyCoder xD




Win what though?


Can you put in my "A Portal Tribute!" project? That has got to be my favorite project on all of Hopscotch! I am so proud of it! :smile:


pls pls pls supply the link so It will be easier for me to find, I looked for it b4 and couldn't find it


This is my project that I have got the most likes on and so far my best but I am working on what think is better but anyways here it is( also my hopscotch name is DragonDog and the project is called keyboard)


a shoutout of the project on meh website, that is what you win. it is a good prize, trust me