Best moment in hopscotch?


I checked and searched this topic, but it wasn't created, or anything similar. So here you can say your best moment in the forum or the app, or both. For example, when I had lots of followers, I felt real happy. Here you can express your feelings of happiness.


I am always happy! :smile:


Just saying, but are you popular? Because lots of people like and reply 2 your stuff. I feel really happy when I talk to u!


When @Dude73 said

Thanks!! Made my day!!


I don't consider myself popular. I don't consider myself popular, but if I was, I would not really care. I just try to spread positivity! :smile:


I'd say the best moment for me was when I looked in my activity on hopscotch and it said SmileyAlyssa​:blush: Is now following


My best moment is whenever someone takes the time to enjoy a project of mine. :D


No problem! I love that topic, I do the polls every day! :smile:


I am never, ever, EVER happy.


I just love when... Idk, probably when people remix my projects! For example, my lottery project. :3


How come?? Why r u not happy?


People hate me, I hate them, I end up saying a bad word, I get flagged ten times a day.


You do? I'm so sorry... Also, I seen ur avatar a lot, and I really like it!


Don't say that! We don't hate you! And I hope you don't hate us!


I don't hate you, I hate people who hate me! For example, my whole school!, they tell us to have empathy but nobody does!!


I think I know someone who should be happy! LazyLizard should be! He or she made the (probably) biggest forum topic ever! I mean, why wouldn't you be happy if you have 20 000 replies? Well, actually 19 000


Joining the forum

It was the best choice, and best moment, I have ever had! :smiley:


Yay! I remember you! Congrats!


What about joining hopscotch..... :smile:


@Dude73, I consider u popular!! Anyways, the best thing that happened was when @SmileyAlyssa, @IShallNotBeNamed followed me, and when I got on featured.