Best methods to get regular


Ok let's say you want regular but... Your like me who doesn't have regular and wants it!!
Here are the notes I gathered up. Mostly from the Regular Badge Checkups topic from @Kiwicute2016.

The requirements for regular is to be on forums 50 days out of 100 days
Also need about more than 15k posts read
Need to create about 40 topics
Need to view about 400 topics

Here are the methods:
For the first one just be on everyday! You could just get on for 1 second and that counts for a day on.
For the second, scroll down really fast on the Comparing drawing on IPad to Paper.
That topic is the most popluar topic on HS with over 18k posts.
For the third one it will be a little harder and just create topics as much you can that are HS related. But don't spam or else you might get flagged and that will take longer to get regular.
For the fourth one, go to the magnifying glass and go to New.
Look at topics their topics or just go and get out to earn a view topic.

Good luck :smiley: (correct me if I'm wrong on any facts)
Here's a picture:


NO! I'm sure you don't have to create THAT many topics! It would flood the community!


CREATE 400 TOPICS?! I have made just under 80!


Awesome topic! :D
There is a lot of helpful tips in this! :D

I think you don't need to create 400 topics, you only need to post 10 posts. :D


Well I wasn't really sure on that part but j figured it wouldn't be so easy


I fixed it I think 40 is reasonable


To be honest the only 100 % requirement is needed for regular is that 50 day thing


Nothing really about creating 40 topics

I only had 15 topics made when I got regular in September...


Oh wow I should read that. Doges are too smart for me GBOT


For a lot of people, they just have to be on for fifty days and they don't notice that they are hitting the requirements along with that. And for others, they just need to view more topics.


Yeah. Plus, @Kiwicute2016 is a MODERATOR and she only has created s few topics! :joy: Creating topics has nothing to do with becoming a regular!


I created less than 30, I think.
@Kiwicute2016 said to someone they had to view 800 topics.
She also said they had to view 1800 posts.

And no method is the best method.

And there is NOTHING about creating a certain amount of topics, is there, @Kiwicute2016?


I think you have to view 400 topics. I've only created a few.


And this seems all wrong. Do you have any tips on how to view like 273 topics or something like that?