Best Drawing App?



Okay, so for the Drawing topic, people post drawing from other apps besides Hopscotch.

Can somebody suggest a free one with no money whatsoever, and it had to be really good.


Drawing Apps? Suggestions?

Thanks You
Thanks You so Mach


Is that sarcasm, dude?


No :stuck_out_tongue: because I NEED new drawing apps


Do you recommend some for me?


Go to my OrangeScent Music art peeps topic and I have an entire list for that


I'm too lazy to do that. I'll try to get up off of the cough and slack up and down and over the mountains...


Tayusai Sketches i think thatS how you spell it that's what OS would say. Or Brushes Redux


There's Tayasui Sketches that's good and there's a free and paid version


-sigh- all apps I've suggested.


Oh sorry it's just TS is really good


Three what until I have to pay? How long until I have to lay in Tayasui?


Three free trials, each one hour


I'm gonna download tayusui sketches later and I'm really excited because it looks SO COOL.

I recommend Sketchbook X (Express)
It's a bit complex for beginners but you'll get the hang of it! I'm still kind of learning how to use it..


That's not fair, three hours.
It should be three weeks.
So, I need to delete it after three hours of use?


You need to pay for Tayasui after three hours.


There is this other really good app but you have to pay


No you don't it's free it's just for things that are in the paid version


I would suggest Brushes Redux or the free version of Autodesk Sketchbook (though Sketchbook is limited)


Ooor I just use OS haxs (that aren't actually hacks)
Uninstall, redownload and boom. No paying.

Plus I think the trials are only for premium. I'm pretty sure you can use it for free for as long as you want. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)