Best collab about cats



I want to make a collab about Rainbow cats who go on magical adventures...
Storylines are all read, possibly accepted!
I will have a collab account.


Ok, This collab is gonna be awesome, I need to wait for my ipad to charge tho, just wait XD




Yeah, pretty much!
20 letters


Sounds cool but I can't go on another account


Ok, I'll make the cats and it will be on da rainbow of awesomeness


It's okay, you can still help!


Ok...I think the acc idea is good, if you don't publish it doesn't clog HS :wink:, but this morning I was on on acc and I lost progress due to sync problems :persevere:


Kay, the user is catcollab
just make a new project


Oh. That s.uck.s. I think we'll post our progress for safety, then!


Thanks! So what is this anyway? This is off topic but can I do a notice board sorta like yours I'll give you credit


Ipad still charging. Gotta wait sadly. Can you make the first project


Yes, go ahead!
It's just an rpg idea me and aaaw came up with!


Be right back!


Might wanna take the password post down. It is on view for all, including some trolls


I so want to join this! It sounds so cool!!


Aha! Yes! Awesome, me and @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf planned on you joining! xD




Sorry, it's time for me to drown myself in the ocean called YouTube, see you tomorrow!


Have fun drowning! Good night