Bert the Hut (yes, really)



People are making topics for these soooo...

This is Bert the Hut

Bert was inspired by Gilbert189's profile pic, as we started putting MLG glasses on the new characters. He said that it didn't work on Hut, but it sure did.

Anonymous came into the topic, named it Bert, and left.

I proceeded to code it.

Who knows, Bert (along with their buddies) might be in a future game of mine XD.

Da Credits

@Rawrbear- Started the meme-y character thing
@Gilbert189- Inspiration (and co-creator)
@Anonymous- Name XD
@CreativeCoder- Code

CoM’s GT! Welcome! (CoM is awesome -GweTV) Thanks I’ll let myself in -mc24 Bananas are tasty and I post the word a lot. -Hopscotcher Petrichor rules all! -Tv CoM is absolutely amazing -Apricity and we love CoM -HH CoM is the best girlie -JACG

Hi, Bert the Hut! :wink:


You, @Rawrbear, @Dude73, and I should all do a collab making a game with all these characters! :joy:


It's beautiful ;-;


MLG background.

You promised...



You coded those MLG glasses?


@Anonymous ;-;

@Gilbert189 I'm going to meme-ify this whole thing soon but I'm scared to XD

@friendship2468 ya


If you're too scared, I'll do it for you, small child. :laughing:


(single tear)

Thanks, Iguana Master


I am not iguana master.

I am iguana OVERLORD.


I have so many memes in mind for this... :laughing:


Great. XD

My likes have jumped off a cliff ;-;

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) [Done fighting and retired]

But I don't have the new update ;-;
So jealous ;-;


And here we see Anonymous's future title...

Nuuu ;-;


Woah! Is that all coded?


It used shape art, but yeah, I coded it :D


Even the glasses?


Yep! :D




I made a Severus the sloth!