Berry's Pixel Art Requests! :D


Okay, I was bored, and I need to practice mai pixel art, so....who wants a pixel art request?? I have seen people taking them on HS, but I find it much easier on the forum! Just fill out dis form:

Smooth, dots, or square:

Also please give me a photo of the grid!
Note: I'm good at animals! :D

Credit to Enchy for the idea! ;3


Username: EnchantedHopscotcher
Object: Flying Blue Potatoe
Colors: Potatoe- blue, Wings- white
Smooth, Dots, Squares: Squares :D

I don't have a picture, so could you just imagine a flying blue potato? XD
I made this up. I tried searching it up, but just pics of flying potatoes are there, and when I add pixel STG, it's just other pixel arts


Okey, thanks! ;3

But sorry if it turns out bad, I am trying to imagine it XD


Your OTML has been delivered


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Please put that in details :3

@BerryFOX, if you can do it very well, I will set it in the middle of my profile picture XD


Woops, sorry about that. Done


I'll get started right now! :D
(Do you want the side view, or front view?)
And what size for da pixels?


I don't mind which point of view :D

@BerryFOX 5 please :D


Okey, I'll do a side one.
Farewell! ;3

Kewl! I laik tiny pixels XD


Username: Freakadelic
Object: Unitato
Colors- Potato should be light brown. Unicorn horn should be Bright Purple. The mane and tail should be neon rainbow. The wings should be pastel purple and white.

Make it smooth. THANKS!!!!!