Berrymelon's AMA Topic



Hello! It's been a very long time since I've created a topic, so I'm going to do one right now.

So on this topic, you can ask me ANYTHING besides my personal information! I will choose which questions I want to answer (mostly all of them) and I will skip a question if I think it's unsafe to answer. I'm sure I won't get a ton of questions to answer, since I'm not very active these days in the forum.


Why do you like Hopscotch?


Why do you like Hopscotch?

I like Hopscotch because it is a place where I can create projects, view other hopscotcher's awesome projects, and express my creativity!


Why did you choose Berrymelon?


Why did you choose Berrymelon?

I chose the name Berrymelon because I love mixing up words into usernames so one day, I had my mind on fruits (LOL) and chose the name Berrymelon.


Mmmmmm berries and melon

Off topic

2 days ago was national (For the US) Watermelon day!


You actually have that…? :0…

@tankt2016: le cough


Yup the US is weird here's a pic


@Candycane @xXBARNSLEYFCXx @PandaBlossom @Jess888: observe this strangeness…