BerryFOX AMA (Ask me Anything)


Credit to @Pink_Roses for the idea!


Have u used any other coding programs besides Hopscotch?


Yes! One called Scratch jr! And many more!


Thanks so much for giving me credit! (:


Your welcome!

Random question- Do you have peirced ears? I do!


No I don't have my ears pierced (:


Oh I have have sum questions! (:

Do you like to make art?

Have you ever been on Trending?

What year did you first discover Hopscotch?

What's your favorite Hopscotch character?


Ok! Just wondering! ;U;




Sorry for the late response!


It's fine your not late! (: Thanks for your answers! (:


How are you so awesome?

How did you find hopscotch?

Which hopscotchers do you look up to?

What's your favorite part about hopscotch?


Summons @tankt2016/@MiracleShoutouts


Hai @BerryFOX! I have sum questions! (:

If you would add one thing to the forum what would it be?

What's your best project?

What year did you first discover the forum?

#17 comes naturally. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My teacher showed it to my class


Nice answers! Thank you! :DDDDDD @BerryFOX


Your welcome!
I'm happy your here!


Your welcome!

Thank you! :D

@BerryFOX I'm happy your here too!


Have you used Scratch (not Jr.)?


Nope! Have you? Is it like Jr?