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Hi uh since your Easter trail art is really good


Can I have tips my dragon trail art


Congratuverylatetions on the feature


Oh yeah I understand your pain…I have some code ideas that might help?
My face (jk so not funny)
Pixel art?
Ducks :wink:
And anything else!


Clever username…


Hello @ChibliBerri and welcome to the forum! Congratulations to your featured, you can thank @hopscotch-curators for that! If you want to get started with the forum, I recommend these topics:

Also, type " @discobot start new user " in a topic for a basic forum tutorial from one of our two friendly forum bots, @discobot.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


oh, uh, asking ME for advice? okay i will try…

• do what you think is best. if your style is very complex, I guess to it complex! if you like to keep things simple, keep it simple!

• try your best not to procrastinate. yeah it’s hard, but once your done, you will be very happy with the finished result!

• don’t push yourself to hard. i originally planed to do pixel art for easter. it wasn’t turning out that great, so I started off new!

sorry this late. i hope this helps you with future trail arts!


ahhhh! tysm for the congrats!


ty for the advice, @William04GamerA!


This is the final product those tips will probably be really useful when I do de unicorn one


No problem :slight_smile:


eek! ty for the ideas! now i have some inspiration :sweat_smile:

If I use one, I will definitely give credit (^。^)


does anyone know when hopscotch’s birthday is? if so, how old is hs turning?

ty in advance!





ahhhh tysm!

hehh gotta make a project ٩( ᐛ )و


Lol that’s what I’d do when a holiday neared in 3rd grade I’d make cringy projects for the holidays


You don’t have to give credit!:grin:


idk… like if ppl give me ideas, I like NEED to give credit ^ ~ ^

thanks for telling me tho!

wowwie this response is late


hey nice meeting you whats up