Berri's MeMeRaL Topic


so, i just joined the forum, and im a little confused. does anyone have any advice for me?
oh, and thanks for the feature. i really appreciate it :blush:



Welcome to the forum! Tag me whenever u need help🙃
Like this @FRENCH_WAVE123


You’ve duplicated this topic, be careful next time


hey ;D
welcome to the forum. i’m horselover347, and whenever you need help please feel free to tag me ;D


Since you’re new, your topics need to be approved before they get posted.


lol repet topic


heh, sorry bout that! i was a little impatient and thought the posts weren’t going trough ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


yeh happens alot with new users


oh ok :sweat_smile: thought i was the only one to do that


definitely not :joy:


Hi @ChibiBerri welcome to the forum!!!:grin:


thanks! it’s nice to talk to fellow coders :blush:


Hi, your welcome! So what’s up


the sky

nah just kidding. tbh, I’m kinda having some coders block -_-


I have that everyday lol


Hi uh since your Easter trail art is really good


Can I have tips my dragon trail art


Congratuverylatetions on the feature


Oh yeah I understand your pain…I have some code ideas that might help?
My face (jk so not funny)
Pixel art?
Ducks :wink:
And anything else!


Clever username…