Belle's Q & A! :D



Belle's Q & A!

Credit to @Gilbert189 for the idea!

Please only HS related or forum related questions.

Inappropriate questions or replies will be flagged.

I will try to answer ASAP, but f I don't get to it right away, I will probably answer soon.

Have a great afternoon! ( or night, or morning if your in a different time zone! )


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Why do you enjoy Hopscotch? :D


Because I get to draw and code and even chat with new friends! It's just so fun!


Any more questions? Anyone?


I never checked your hopscotch profile- What kinds of projects do you usually make?

(games, plays, clubs, websites)


I usually do art and other things!


What was your main inspiration to spread happiness?


I had the inspiration from @SmileyAlyssa! She is so cool! And so are you! And I have a bunch a trouble with my friends so I also try to find a bright side to it!


Does anyone have any more questions?


Thanks to everyone who leaved me a question!