Bella's EPIC Winter Coding Tournament 2016/2017 [STARTED]



Welcome, Hops, to Bella's Winter Coding Tournament 2016!

This contest was inspired by @DinoProductions' epic contest–

There will be three rounds in this contest, each ten days long, with a two day break in between for judging. Each round, I will give the contestants a theme, and their job is to code something with that theme. The judges will pick five top projects from the first round, and those people will proceed to the second round, where three people will be chosen. Finally, when three people are remaining, the third round will choose the winner!

JOINING IS CLOSED! Simply tell me if you would like to compete!

I will be choosing two additional judges.
Have you judged a contest before?
Do you think you will be a good judge?
Will you judge in time?



Q: Is it too late to join?
A: Yes, the contest has already started. There's always next season, though!
Q: When will the third round start?
A: The third round will start after the second round is judged, after February 21st.
Q: May I use a different coding program than Hopscotch?
A: No, sorry, it wouldn't be fair if everyone used Hopscotch and you had more complex code on a different program.
Q: May I code anything I want?
A: Of course–be creative and make anything you want, as long as it fits the theme!
Q: Does it matter if it's not winter for me?
A: Nope, the fact that it's winter here just had to do with the contest name, not anything else.
Q: What if I'm in a different time zone than Bella?
A: You can convert my time zone to yours here: Just put my city in as any city in the Pacific Time Zone. (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose...)
Q: Will you please tag me for the next round?
A: Don't worry, I'll tag everyone in the competition (including the judges) for all announcements and rounds.
Q: May I turn in my project before the due date?
A: Yup! You may turn your project in any time before the due date (January 9th, at 11:59 PM).
Q: Are there prizes for 2nd and 3rd place?
A: Technically, there are no second and third places. Like HHC, there are just the finalists and the winner.
Q: Oops, I just shared what I was making for the contest! Am I eliminated?
A: Of course not! It's just advised not to specifically share what you're making. (e.g., "I'm making a marshmallow game where you have to catch the falling marshmallows, with powerups!" would not be okay, while "I'm making a trail art!" would be okay.") You don't want anyone copying you!
I hope this was helpful! feel free to ask any questions that aren't covered by this FAQ.

Prizes for finalists (people who make it to the third round.):
~Follow from iWaffle (@BellaWafflez17)
~Art request from @BellaWafflez17
~Sketch (black-and-white, head-to-knee) from @XiaoMiaoMi
~One follow from @Ihasfluffycupcakes (Squirtles on HS)
~Follow from @XiaoMiaoMi
~Twenty likes from @Ihasfluffycupcakes
~Optional spam likes from @thebestest
~Spam likes from @KVJ
~A bunch of likes from @Sensei_Coder
~Follow from @EmojisRUs
~Spam likes from @EmojisRUs
Prizes for 1st place:
~Follow from @EmojisRUs
~Spam likes from @EmojisRUs
~Possibly a Feature!!!
~Colored portrait from @XiaoMiaoMi
~Follow from @XiaoMiaoMi
~Art request from @Pingu
~Art request from @WhiteFeathers
~Optional spam likes from @thebestest
~Game request from @thebestest
~Follow from @KVJ!
~Spam likes from @KVJ
~Follow from @Sensei_Coder
~Trail art request from @Sensei_Coder
Tell me if you want to give prizes! (Judges may give prizes.)





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Yeah...I'd love to compete!


Awesome! Congrats on being the first competitor :0


May I be a judge? Please




Have you judged a contest before? yea
Do you think you will be a good judge? yea
Will you judge in time? yea


Please fill out the form!


Application for judge:
I will be choosing two additional judges.
Have you judged a contest before? Yes
Do you think you will be a good judge? Yes because I will judge fairly and try my best!
Will you judge in time? Yes

#9're in!




You're in as a judge!

The max amount of judges have been chosen!




Great Idea! :grin:

Sadly, I'm too busy to participate. But good luck to everyone who enters!


You can still give out prizes, if you want!


Wowa yes thanks


I'll see how many people enter, to find out if I need to "hire" another judge.


Okay! here are the prizes I can get:
one follow
twenty likes
My hopscotch username is Squirtles, please tag me on here when I have to give the prizes!




Do you want to give that to the finalists?