Being Leader Doesn't Mean Being Rude! (Not that the leaders are!)


I'm @treefrogstudios on an alt account, just so you know! :3 :slight_smile:

It's all good and well to want to be a leader. It'd be so great if everyone had the opportunity! We are all leaders when we help out a friend, give a tip, start a collab, or code something really fun.

But what we do sometimes to be leader hurts others, and isn't very nice. It may be too formal and cold, it may be too harsh, and it may be rude and unkind.

When you see the leaders helping out around the forum, you rarely see them being harsh and formal.

I think that if you want to help out the way the leaders do or even get the badge, then kindness is the best option.

Here's some examples, because I always like to make it clearer!

Here's what an unkind demonstration of leadership would look like:

Forumer: I feel so weird RN, my sister is jumping on my chair XD

Forumer Two: That's off-topic. I'm going to flag. You're just taking the topic in the wrong direction.

Forumer: Wait a second! I'm gonna get on topic. Relax.

Do you see how the harsh and accusing post that Forumer 2 made hurt Forumer's feelings and made her aggravated? Forumer 2 was probably trying to be leader-like, but that sort of rude post won't get you to leader at all.
Here's a kind demonstration of leadership.

Forumer: I feel so weird RN, my sister is jumping on my chair XD

Forumer 2: What? That's funny! :stuck_out_tongue: We seriously need to get back on topic though. We're going to get this closed if we keep going :wink:

Forumer: I know, right? Okay, let's GBOT! Do you like this code?

Do you see how Forumer 2 decided to comment on the others post, and include himself as part of the group that should get back on topic? It was not accusing or cold. If Forumer kept going, that's when Forumer 2 should flag. This is how a good leader- with or without the badge- should act.

Always be friendly and not bossy, and never accuse! :3

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


This is a really good reminder and topic!!!! I think many people ( including myself) forget this sometimes

If u want to be a leader, that doesn't mean you have to threaten to flag someone and say it in a rude way. First you should give them a kind warning


Good point! I rlly agree!!


Trues...very trues
Anyways I think there can be another point made in that even if someone is a Leader doesn't mean that you should follow everything they say (but usually they do the right things). Basically, follow what you think is right (unless your view is wrong in which case try to be better :smiley:)

But that's another story


Hey, that's not very nice. :wink:

Kiwi's a great mod!

I'm sorry, but that's not the sort of thing we say here. :3

I don't like to see accusing, it hurts feelings. :D


Great topic! I totally agree! :DDD


Thank you!

And thanks to everyone who complimented my topic :blush:


I have to agree
It was a bit rude tbh
It'd be better to say "Kiwi isn't that good because she did ___ but hopefully she will change"


This is a topic about not being rude, on which you just agreed that you shouldn't be rude and then immediately were rude XD

And yeah, I agree with this. Recently, I've tried my best to be more lenient and chill, because the forum in the end is just about havin some fun, not rules for the sake of rules :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem!
It's a really awesome topic! :3



Yay join the laid back club


But that's not very nice either... Hmmmm. What could we do to not hurt feelings?

Maybe we could say, "I sometimes feel like ____ does this, but no offense to her!"

Let's get back on topic :D




Speaking of offtopicnes:

;00010010100 OMG TY SO MUCH!


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Congrats! :0000

Let's GBOT :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean criticism is definitely allowed
Because freedom of speech :smiley:


Noice great


urmagaurddddddd so luckkkly