Behind the scenes of my game



Ok, so first of all, this game is called Martian. It is a twist on the movie made into a game. You're stranded on mars and you need to make life so you can survive. I'm going to split this into drop down menus.

Starting out

So, the idea for this project was Martian. I only saw adds for Martian but it gave me this idea. I originally was going to use the pause feature, but then I thought, There isn't much of a reason for the pause feature, so I decided not to use it. The music was probally the weirdest part because I used weird sounds to start the song, then went to normal notes.

Going on in the future

In the future I plan to make my own emojis to make houses and trees you'd only find on mars. That's the creative part since there isn't any trees or house on mars yet. This project is fun and I hope it gets noticed!

I hope you guys all check it out when it's out! I'll comments on this when it's out. I hope this inspired and helped some of you!


It sounds like an awesome idea! I'd love to check it out when it's published :smile:


Thanks! I've been coming up with many ideas and I think it should be out by the end of the month. If not, sooner! :relaxed:


I am looking forward to it! @teddyweddy23 the houses should look a bit like biodomes and the trees should be inside biodomes


Thanks for the tips @Ahappycoder!


Sorry everyone who is interested in the game! There'll be a delay of when the game will come out because I logged out and forgot my password! Sorry everyone I emailed the hopscotch team so they should change it soon! :pensive:


I can't wait to see it too! Because no one ever makes movie-game projects because most people think it's too hard. :grinning:



Thanks @ihasfluffycupcakes!


Good news! My account is back online and the Martian game should be out by next month! (I can't promise anything, though!)