Beginners Trail Art Tournament!



Yes, I mean soccer. Play-off style. (Im a boy only write he :slight_smile:)


And, you are in, too @tankt2016!


Omg I’m so (NoT sMaRt) they must be referring to soccer lmao plz end me :joy::ok_hand:


Don’t worry. It gets confusing. Whoever had the idea to name to different sports the same thing?
Wait, American football is branching into England. What will people call American football if a team is formed in England?


Uhh… sorry this is off topic but you tagged me in a topic I don’t have access to!


It’s called Rugby. American Football is just a bit more… well… aggressive. This is a very old topic but who cares!

Um, rugby, American football, and futbol are very different...

Rugby is a different kind of football. I don’t think people wear protective pads in it, whereas people playing American football do.

American football is another kind of football.
Futbol is called soccer in the US.

Can we not start arguing about sports lol?


Oh… I don’t really know as we don’t have American Football. We don’t really do that in the Uk. We kinda just have Football :soccer: But American Football looks fun!!!


It’s okay. : )

Umm yeah…
Look up “American football injuries”…


OMG. Ewww gross :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


IKR? Lots of injuries and lots of protective gear.