Begging For Likes



This is sorta like my project, "Don't Beg For Likes", but on the forum. Hope you enjoy!

What is Considered Begging For Likes?
Begging for likes is ANYWAY of asking for likes you do not deserve. You should ALWAYS earn your likes.

Why Should I Not Beg For Likes?
•It makes you look bad.
•it's not very effective.
•You will appreciate your likes more if you earn them.

The Different Kinds of Beggars
•The "Unpopular" Beggar
These often complain about how they "get no attention". Very few people like them, and when they do, they only like them because they feel bad for them. They often get responses like "Coding is for FUN, NOT likes." Usually these people remix all there projects and expect TONS of likes for that.

•The "Im Gonna Quit If I Don't Get ------- Amount of Likes"
These are by far the MOST ANNOYING ONES! They make everyone feel bad and no one wants anyone to quit hopscotch. They are usually an effect of a "Unpopular" Beggar getting no attention to an extent of wanting to quit. Really, if you want to quit for such a terrible reason, I'm not stopping you, we don't need quitters on hopscotch.

•The "My Parents Will Let Me Do ----- if I Get ----- Likes"
Your parents did not say that. No parents would say that. You should EARN your likes! Your parents will be prouder! And more likely to give you what you want. And if that doesn't work, just do some chores around the house, prove how responsible you really are.

Any other kinds of beggars? Add them below!


This is a great post, @SQUISHY! You are right, no Hopscotchers should beg for likes, you should earn your likes by making awesome projects! If everyone does this, the community will be a better, more fun place. :grinning:


Some people don't understand what likes are, and most of these beggars are normally new and don't get many likes. It annoys me to see that some people don't mature up to realized what Hopscotch is really for :(. Scratch seems to have a lot less spam, and I have no clue why.


@SQUISHY This Is So Cool! <3


@SQUISHY, I totally agree. It's sad how many projects are being made and being put on trending about how "I'll Quit Hopscotch!" or, "This better get on Trending!" There is one good type, though:
The Here's My Talent Please Look Type.
These people don't beg! Heck, this is how I started out!
They draw something amazing (My case, though I thought it was bad),
Code something SUPER COOL,
or just show their real talent!
These are the type of people I follow, who have something amazing to share and the world must know!
Oh, and another type:
THESE are the worst :unamused:
They go around telling everyone, I'M AWESOME LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
You must earn your right to be called great, like MagmaPOP, Madi, KiwiCute2015, Tappy MLP, PopTart, Squishy, OrangeScent, Star Girl Studios, Me (Not to much, I get requests and people call me good but, I don't think I'm that good), GummyBunny, CandySwirl, Real Funky 63, Real Funky 63 NEW AC, and many others who work hard! You can't beg. It's like the Jocks at school. I'll use me as an example. I've always wanted to be part of the jocks, but they didn't let me in until they saw that I am a pretty good goalkeeper! That's when I was acceppted. Bottom line, you must show that you're good, not tell.


I agree @LotsaPizza, @HopscotchArtAndGames, @Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SQUISHY begging for likes is not cool and annoying if you see someone begging for likes first tell them to read the community guidelines here then if they keep doing it then ask them Nicely to stop and if they keep doing it then report them


@Gabe_N, You Can't Just Report This. This Will Teach Beggers To Not Beg For Likes.


@Gabe_N Your Right, But It Would Still Teach Them.


Yes, @HopscotchArtAndGames is right, and @Michelle was just trying to make a point, no need to report her.


What about the I'll follow you if you give me --- likes


That's also begging for likes.


@Kiwicute2015, I agree.
:wink: :wink: :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, she's just trying to say that it's not cool to spam.


Yeeeeeeeeep. I don't like those projects that beg for likes. You have to earn likes. Or, what I mean is people have to choose to like your project. You can't force them.


@LotsaPizza great explanation!


Good point I'll unflag it?


I don't think you can do that @Gabe_N, at least not yet, but that could be added in future updates.


You can until five minutes after you flag it I'm going to use this one as a example :arrow_down::arrow_down:



And likes for the next thing