Begging for likes- why do it?


strong textBegging for likes- why do it?

Some people on hopscotch say things like "I'll leave because I don't EVER get likes." I mean, seriously, people ask for pets on Hopscotch and I know that's not the same thing, but there are MANY, MANY, MANY other ways you can earn that.

If you are one of those people that has done that, please unpublish it and think better next time. Hopscotch is for fun and not for popularity. And I do understand when it's just for something. But how are we supposed to know that you're not lying? Please consider all I have said. Thank you.:grinning::blush::grinning::blush::grinning:

 I have gotten this idea from the "great ideas" section.

How to find a person's first post easily

I did it once @GracefulIcing1, but then I got inspiration from @t1_hopscotch, AND ALL OF THOSE NEW HOPSCOTCHERS, PLEASE DON'T DO IT, IT MAKES YOU LOOK BAD.


It's good that you changed your ways.


Thank you @GracefulIcing1 for pointing that at out.


And @GracefulIcing1, can you be one of my coding partner you have permision to help out with the Tap Titans, Well.... basically everyone can.


@Phase_Studios make sure you don't stray off topic :wink:

That's right we should earn our likes through hard work, not begging. This topic has been discussed a lot, and the Hopscotch Team are working to make it so that people can get more attention for good work so people won't beg.

They added the Rising tab, for example, to show great projects from new Hopscotchers, and that means they're getting the likes they deserve without begging :smile:


Yea, I know @t1_hopscotch, I wasn't trying to get off topic.


I guess they just want the likes because they don't get a lot, and even if a lot of people like their projects doesn't mean it's the right thing. The point of hopscotch is not to get likes, it's to get better at coding. It's just a feature to show that people appreciated your project. By liking it those kinds of projects your encouraging them to do more of these kinds of projects. I would stay away from these projects.