Begging for Likes (for everyone)


Hi coders,
Gender surveys/quizzes was a huge hit! I think I mentioned it in my last topic, but I just checked this morning and there were SO many likes/comments! Thanks to everyone!

Begging for likes is something most of us do! Recently, it has been speeding up and more hopscotchers have been doing it! I remember probably in August or July, I have noticed a project. The coder had said," My mother said if I don't get 100 likes on a project, than she won't get a me a kitten! Please help me get 100 likes, because I REALLY want a kitten!" She got about 134 likes in 24 hours. Than, later she admitted that it was all fake and her mother died anyway. What she didn't know, since she was new that you could undo your likes, so immeaditly everyone undo there likes and the coder was left with 2 or 3 likes. (BTW, I am not saying this coder is a girl by calling her a "she". I really don't know this hopscotcher's gender.) So, don't beg for likes, or your likes and follows will be taken away from you, because no one will like your projects if you sound so desperate! You have to work hard to make an awesome game, website, or forum topic and people will recognize that you are a good Hopscotcher! :smile:

I hope you listen to my advice, and thanks again for a lot of comments/likes on my gender surveys/quizzes topic! :wink:


Hi! This is a really good topic!