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Welcome! @Grabos!

I Agree @SoapyBubbles
I have seen ANOTHER How to get emojis? today. If you look up- How to get emojis? There are 4! Proof;

Catchphrase: Look before you post


@SoapyBubbles Just one question, how did you annotate your photos? I use Skitch, but I like how you did yours.


Hi @Glitter_Kitty! I use an app called Doodle Pro. Is a terrific drawing app and photo editor. It's paid, but they have a free version. You can check it out here:
You Doodle Pro - #1 draw and text app for school, play and work by Digital Ruby, LLC


@SoapyBubbles I use that too! Well, I use the free version because $3 is too much for an app for me, but it is great! I switch between You Doodle and Skitch for my annotations.


@CreativeCoder, that is so cool! I actually got the paid version for free because they were running a special at the time, so I lucked out and didn't have to pay! I'm sure the free is just as awesome, though!