Been flagged:/ not a title anymore


been flagged not a title anymore


It's Jacki can
(At least that's the only one in hopscotch)








U are confusing me....


Um there is no Jaki Can but there is a Jacki Can. Is this you?


Take a picture of your profile pic


Yeah exactly! There is no Jaki Can! There is only a Jacki Can!


Um yeah:confused:


Well you kinda confused everyone before when you said you were Jaki Can but when we searched you nobody came up. Not trying to be rude


It's fine! I was just trying to state the facts


lol I'm not "GUY" I'm @Gabe_N
lol I just tagged myself
also my username has five letters there are two capital letters in my username 5 - 2 = 3 illuminati has 3 sides
illuminati conformed



Am really confused
What's the point of this topic again?


Same @OrangeScent1 lol


But now we're going into your projects and your profile you're not sticking to your point
I guess you can make a poll to see who likes you guys more?
A Happy Coder won't be too happy about this though






Click the link...


I am not too happy (get it?) about the which hopscotcher is better because even if it is going my way some one gets left out :wink:


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