Been a while but I'm back (:


So, I'm back on the forum and it's been awhile after I started to gain a fan base on and I've just been SUUUUUPER busy but I'll try to be on weekly and I really am kind of confused what are "General Topics" BASICALLY IM NEW TO THE FORUM (even tho I'm not considering I know the basics like how to make a poll and stuff) BUT IM COMFUSED WHAT HAS CHANGED SINCE MAY just help me pls


General topics are basically topics for people to post small anouncments and chat with others about hopscotch :grinning:

Congrats on being famous on musicly!


Ohhh okay thanks, btw I'm nesesarily 'famous' I just gained a lot of admirers haha


I was just wondering where you were the other day welcome back!!


Haha wow that really means a lot no one is dead unless they are forgotten although, I'm this case I didn't die I just, got lost.


I knew you didn't die just wondered! Do you Rember me?


Oh and no problem!


Toatally!!! Your name is UNFORGETTABLE




Lol same XD

I made a music account to make happy remixes and I gained fifty fans the first day!


Yay! Your back! Hai! :wave::raising_hand:


Welcome back to le forum!


Hai! Welcome back. :D
A general topic is just a topic to chat about Hopscotch, post small announcements, or ask for criticism or ideas. Just general, Hopscotch related things that usually aren't big enough to make a topic over. :D


- @MagmaPOP Quit :frowning:
- @PopTart0219 got Mod, some People got Leader
- General Topics are basically a topic for people to post announcements, new games, and random stuff! :3
- Please see "Creatures of the Forum" topic for information on Jumpyduckz, Peepos, Wrenches, Nopes, Peeps, chakins, and more random forum stuff. :3
- :3 is now a common used emoticon, as is ಠ_ಠ and c:

A lot more happened but this is the most basic stuff!

Welcome back, Fifi! :D


Oh Hi! Welcome back! Basically the Summer Contest! And basically some others things but not a lot


I have 1300+ fans on how many do you have
Also welcome back I missed you!
Yesterday I was actually wondering "where did that girl with that profile pic go" and the next day she came back!


remember to stay on topic​:wink:


I didn't notice you were gone until now xD
Welcome back
(You know me right? I know you :stuck_out_tongue:)


Haha yeah I found you!! 1018 fans (: I recognized your pfp (not a huge fan of Jacob Sartorius btw) BUT BACK ON TOPIC thanks for the love guys!!


@fifithefunnyflower cool!
Wait you're following me? Yaay!