Beefy Post Streak Challenge



This is based off @Anonymous's challenge. So the goal is to try to post as much as possible. You must type at least 4 words per post and must not use any <>s (aka 20+ characters). It must be a sentence with correct grammar. However, your first letter must be the last letter of your last post (unless you're the first one). Try getting 7!

Btw this is not a duplicate, this is modified.

Ex (these are all examples, these may not be true):
Me: I like SmileyAlyssa's projects. However, Rawrbear's games are better.
Me: Razor is the best Hopscotcher I've ever seen!
Me: Niftynia is a great Hopscotcher!
Me: RenegadeBird's stuff is intruging. I like her art.
Me: Tomorrow, I will publish a new game!
Me: Except for my latest artwork, my projects have all gotten 10+ likes.
Me: Superswaggy's projects are really engaging!
Me: Games are my speciality when it comes to coding.


Hi guys! My impossible quiz comes out soon!


Newest is the best category!


You know that feeling you get when you lose your important work after logging out?


Today, I'm at Code Day.


You can't have it easy. Coding is a lot of hard work.


Kalabassa makes really good projects!


SmilingSnowflakes makes good person art!


Tomorrow, I will try to post a lot of projects.


SmileyAlyssa is always smiling!


Greatness is achieved through work.


Kitkat26 deserves a shoutout!


Time for the FMTL!


5 is the number of times Rawrbear got on Featured plus one.


EJGamerCake is juice and my senpai!


I like making funny games!


HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!! You not going any further...


Superswaggy is good at physics sims!


SmileyAlyssa has gotten on Featured.


DancingLollipop was in HÄ.
(ps ä is a)