Bears everywhere!



Hey @admins @moderators this

is a weird bug and when I say weird I meen WEIRD bug in every project I enter this happens and I look at the code but there is no bear! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Please tell me anyone If this happend to them!



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I dont know thats weird you should ask @liza


I tested on my other iPad no bears! I can't test any projects now with out bears doing front flips! I know this is a weird bug!


The Bears are gone!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh this is weird I wondered if one of the hopscotch team fixed it I did email them!


Huh! That is the exact same problem that happened to me except a :imp: Emoji kept creating clones in projects. I think it happens if a character creates very many clones. In this case, I can't see the bears in your screenshot, so I think the clones AREN'T ACTUALLY THERE. They probably just appear in the project randomly, like an illusion. Plus, they dissapear after a while. This is a pretty interesting bug...


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Try playing my Bear Army project, and it will spread into other projects! :laughing:

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The solution is simple, double click the home button, swipe up the app Hopscotch.
It should disappear.




I'm going to reopen this as people might have the same questions and this seems very helpful to others!
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Cool. I guess the clones just spread LOL